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A Glimmer of Memory

1 A Glimmer of Memory

2 All That's Gone

3 At First Sight

4 Point of Reflection

5 Lost in Venice

6 A Glimmer


Total time: 52.53

Vinyl £16

Limited edition 12" 180g audiophile grade vinyl

(includes code for high quality digital download)

I've often thought about the way that we perceive memories. It was one early morning when I was out running in the Somerset countryside seeing a few rays of sunlight breaking through the cloud cover, illuminating just a few areas of the ground so intensely, that I saw the metaphor; our memories are like spot-lit glimpses into our past.


Inspired, I set about exploring some of my own most vivid memories and giving them a soundtrack. The result is A Glimmer of Memory

Zone of Cold

1 On the Horizon

2 Still Light

3 Alone on the Plateaux

4 Warmed by the Emerging Light

5 Hidden Within

6 Crystalline Air

7 The Calm Before

8 With Dark Intent

9 In the Shadow of Winter

10 This Fragile Veil


Total time: 60:50

CD £12

 It's been 8 years since Simon's well received album .74 (point seven four) written under the pseudonym Maitreya. With this his first release under his own name Simon Lomax steps out from behind the name to reveal something a little deeper.


You'd be forgiven for thinking that with the change of name that perhaps there would also be a  change in sound but instead there is a deepening and layering capturing the very best of Simon's previous work underpinning the new growth.


Zone of Cold explores new atmospheres and structures which give the release a certain holographic ethereal quality all of it's own. You will hear the unmistakeable Maitreya of old but with the new qualities that takes you somewhere more.


From the gathering momentum of opener On the Horizon through to the vaporous Crystalline Air and the aching stillness of This Fragile Veil, Zone of Cold is a well worth a listen and well worth the wait.

Inspired by location and time .74 (point seven four) is a warm and animate landscape of rich atmospheres moved by a swell and pulsing of sound. With the beautiful depths and resonance of Escent, the glitchy, hypnotic repetition of Pulse and Beat and the mellow pads of Aurora, this album is a satisfying and cohesive whole, featuring the Maitreya sound that is becoming so well recognised.

1 Escent

2 Azure

3 Pulse and Beat

4 Insula

5 Sere

6 Isolat

7 St Michael's Tower

8 Aurora


Total time: 51.18

*Last few remaining copies

.74 (point seven four)

CD £12

Telluric Waves

1 Night Vision

2 Subterranean

3 Sinter

4 Altocummulus

5 Half-Light

6 Lumen

7 We are Linked

8 Telluric Waves


Total time: 55.32

*Last few remaining copies

CD £12

With this, his long awaited second album, Maitreya returns to explore more earthly terrain.


From the percolating warmth of sinter, to the bleak expanse of lumen, discover the beautiful new sound of Maitreya.


From the Mothership

*Last few remaining copies

01 Advent

02 The Inception

03 Blips

04 Undulation (Pushing the Wave)

05 Silent Sea

06 Forest

07 The Beyond

08 Ambient

09 Nebulae

10 Insight

11 The Second Inception

12 From the Mothership

Total time: 61.12

CD £12

A powerful and enveloping work, From the Mothership is a sonic slipstream to the far reaches of the universe, lie back, close your eyes, and enjoy an hour’s journey through time and space; an exploration into uncharted territory.

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