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12 Hours

Format: Digital Download / CD (sold out)


Year: 2003


Cat no: n/a


Total time: 19.14

Originally commissioned for an arts festival in 2003, 12 hours is a sonic exploration through three distinct and evolving movements into the hidden hours between dusk and dawn, from sunset to sunrise.


Artist notes


I have always found the stillness of night to be the most creative time when working on new music.  From the studio that I had at the time I could see an almost unbroken landscape for 4 or 5 miles, a great vantage point to see the changes in light as the sun set to reveal the night sky and then eventually rising again.


With 12 Hours I wanted to explore the feeling of these very distinct phases of this time. From the last glimpses of light as the sun sets, to the inky black darkness of night, and then to the welcome return of the sun at first light.

01    12 Hours

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