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From the Mothership

Format: Digital Download / CD


Year: 1999


Cat no: COFN001CD


Total time: 61.12

A powerful and enveloping work, From the Mothership is a sonic slipstream to the far reaches of the universe, lie back, close your eyes, and enjoy an hour’s journey through time and space; an exploration into uncharted territory.

01    Advent

02    The Inception

03    Blips

04    Undulation (Pushing the Wave)

05    Silent Sea

06    Forest

07    The Beyond

08    Ambient

09    Nebulae

10    Insight

11    The Second Inception

12    From the Mothership

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What people are saying

“…these twelve deliciously spacey transmissions… obviously, come directly From the Mothership. I’ve not heard such literally stellar recordings in some time… these percussion-free pieces are perfect soundtracks for deep space explorations, even if only through the constellations of your mind…”

– Ambientrance


“There are those CD’s who grab you by the throat to never let you go again. I wrote this sentence before when I heard Thom Brennan’s “Mountains” and now, with “From The Mothership”, it happens again. This is absolutely an album of immense beauty and intensity….A man like Carl Sagan would have been very interested in this music because, in my opinion, it reflects the man’s ideas about space travel very clearly. To me, next to Stearns’ “Encounter”, this is the best musical spacetrip I’ve ever heard.”

-Paul Rijkens


“This CD is pure ambience, perfect for chilling out to. It is the kind of CD that is ideal for helping you to reach an ultimately relaxed state of mind. Noises and melodies drift in and out, subtle bass lines carry you forward, the sound of nature washes over you, weird samples crop up from nowhere, and by the end of it you find yourself transported into another world…”

– Peek Magazine


“This is an intriguing voyage of possibility. The perfect background of accompaniment to alien implant surgery …..I have to say I really like this CD and find it extremely relaxing , and whether it is triggering reassuring memories of space travel in a higher dimension or simply smoothing out the rough edges of a hectic day in the office with its extruded string sounds, I don’t know (or need to know for that matter). I’m looking forward to more contact with Maitreya and the Mothership.”

– Dream Creation

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