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How the Shadow Falls

Format: CD (Limited edition of 100 copies)


Year: 2019


Cat no: COFN010CD


Total time: 58:18

01    How The Shadow Falls

02    Memories Of Okunoin

03    Allowing The Feeling To Grow

04    Resembling A Dream

05    That Which Is Invisible Also Binds Us

06    The Best Is Yet Ahead, My Love

07    For The Heartache Still To Come

As this is strictly limited edition of 100 copies they are reserved on a first come first served basis. Once they're gone they're gone.


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What people are saying

The inner world explored on “How the Shadow Falls” is one of intense and profound textural ambiences extending further the emotive realm of its predecessors. Applying synthesisers, samples, effects and highly processed guitar, composer Simon Lomax delivered 7 studio improvisations wandering through desolate, dark-shaded aural landscapes revealing a gentle slumbering cinematic current occasionally.


The contemplative expanse of soft glistening shimmers and pastel colors is meant for deeper listening delivering additional insights and layers on repeated spins. “For The Heartache Still to Come”, a lush vapor to dwell effortlessly, rounds out the 58-minute emotive trip effectively.


Bert Strolenberg – Sonic Immersion



Dear Simon


I’m sitting listening to How The Shadows fall on my headphones as I travel from London to Glasgow to see an old friend in my birthday weekend and felt the need to email you. I’m slightly hungover and have realised that your music is like a comforting soft pillow / blanket I had as a child. It had the most familiar smell that sent a kind of ecstatic shiver down me when I buried my face in it. That’s how I feel listening to your music. And it is soothing my hangover!


I wish I made music like this. If it’s possible to wear out electronic files, I’d have done so already with your latest CD. I believe at the moment I’m mostly touched by ‘The Best Is Yet Ahead, My Love’ but I’m sure that changes day to day.


Your fan

Phil (via email)

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