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How the Shadow Falls

Format: CD (Limited edition of 100 copies)


Year: 2019


Cat no: COFN010CD


Total time: 58:18

01    How The Shadow Falls

02    Memories Of Okunoin

03    Allowing The Feeling To Grow

04    Resembling A Dream

05    That Which Is Invisible Also Binds Us

06    The Best Is Yet Ahead, My Love

07    For The Heartache Still To Come

CD pre-order items will be sent on or before the release date 15th of November 2019.


As this is strictly limited edition of 100 copies they are reserved on a first come first served basis. Once they're gone they're gone.


UPDATE (29/09/19): over 50% of copies available to mailing list members are now gone...

CD £29   £22 (first 50 copies only)

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