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Notes from the Void - Volume 1

Format: CD (Limited edition of 100 copies)


Year: 2021


Cat no: COFN013CD


Total time: 55.26

01    Infinity

02    Shadow Thoughts

03    Precipice of Cognition

04    Illusion of Substance

05    Time Lapse

06    The Awakening Paradox

As this is strictly limited edition of 100 copies they are reserved on a first come first served basis. Once they're gone they're gone.


CD £22


Towards the end of 2020 a friend and I were discussing my creative process. This friend has been a long term mentor having helped me develop my music learning system Music Skills.


I was interested to see how much more efficiently I could write music whilst still keeping the quality and depth, so we set upon an experiment. My friend would give me a title as a starting point and an ambitious deadline for each track in turn.


Over a 5 week period I learnt that my creative process benefits from considered bursts of focus away from distractions, and that occasionally I need a little more time to fully allow the musical ideas to develop. But overall it turns out I can write meaningful music far faster than I’d previously thought possible.


To my surprise the result is what I consider to be some of my best work. This forms the first volume of my new album series Notes from the Void - Volume 1. I hope you enjoy it.


What people are saying

The atmospheric result is a 55-minute work featuring six freeform ambient-guitar soundscapes where the introspective and melancholic shake hands firmly. In addition I feel there’s something thought-provoking and nocturnal shimmering between the slow evolving current of wavering, attentively layered textures. This arises especially profound on “Illusion of Substance” as it swirls effortlessly in a lush, fluid expanse before reaching out to symphonic-ethereal heights on “Time Lapse”. On the final track, “The Awakening Paradox”, things wind down in immersive, introspective spherescapes.


Those who want a hardcopy of the album shouldn’t wait too long as only 100 factor-pressed cds have been manufactured.


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