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Telluric Waves

Format: CD Audio / Digital Download


Year: 2003


Cat no: COFN004CD


Total time: 55.32

With this, his long awaited second album, Maitreya returns to explore more earthly terrain.


From the percolating warmth of sinter, to the bleak expanse of lumen, discover the beautiful new sound of Maitreya.


01    Night Vision

02    Subterranean

03    Sinter

04    Altocummulus

05    Half-Light

06    Lumen

07    We are Linked

08    Telluric Waves

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What people are saying

“Four years in the making, Telluric Waves is Simon Lomax’s second exploratory effort into deep ambient soundscapes. In just under an hour, this album takes the listener on an amazing journey through luxurious landscapes and waves of sounds as the eight compositions on offer appear almost static, evolving imperceptibly, evoking the way ice forms and melts, crystal after crystal… Telluric Waves show the man constantly altering his soundscapes, feeding on highly processed found sounds to produce ever-changing structures, repeatedly avoiding the pitfalls of a difficult genre. Telluric Waves requires undivided attention to fully appreciate its many layers and constant shifts, and therefore is in many ways a difficult record. Yet, thanks to Simon Lomax impressive control and clever use of sounds, it rapidly becomes fascinating and reveals itself as an immense step forward.”

– Milk Factory review


“Maitreya’s Telluric Waves is a memorable experience that would assuredly appeal to both ambient purists and fans of newer electronic styles equally…Biosphere fans should especially take note of this release, as it features all of the strengths of albums like Substrata without the album filler that clutters many newer ambient releases. In fact, each track is progressive from beginning to end, signalling an artist unwilling to dwell on long spaces of ambience just to fill a CD’s length. It took three years for the second Maitreya album to appear and it shows. Telluric Waves is a finely detailed and impressively executed work of modern chilled textures; trippy, entrancing, and consistently interesting.”

– Brian Bieniowski


“A heaviness pervades the album. It’s not dark in the sense of being overtly unsettling or eerie, despite there being aspects of life to be heard it sometimes it made me imagine the Earth in an earlier time of its history when life was just starting to evolve. Though musically different, it reminded me of the way Steve Roach’s On This Planet evokes primeval feelings and connections to the Earth…Apparently this album took nearly four years to create. That’s a long time, but ambient fans will surely find that it’s been worth waiting for. It’s one to be really savoured and revisited to discover sounds you may not have noticed on previous listens.”

– Dene Bebbington / Wind & Wire


“”It took Simon Lomax a.k.a. Maitreya four years to present us with this, his second album, but I must confess that the end result more than makes up for that. The sound of Maitreya has matured, pushing the boundaries in a most surprising way…Telluric Waves’ is a great record of outstanding audio and production quality which needs several spins before it reveals its true nature and beauty…”

-Bert Strolenberg /



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