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We Echo Endlessly

Format: Digital Download


Year: 2020


Cat no: N/A


Total time: 60.00

Simon's first live to air concert on Star’s End Radio WXPN in Philadelphia, PA in 2015 brought us the album An Ember Glows. This album of improvised music, described as “Bliss” by Talvin Singh, went on to be rated the no.1 streamed release by listeners to Soma FM's Drone Zone the following year, ranked alongside fellow ambient producer and legend Steve Roach.


So what to expect from this performance from Simon’s second visit to Star’s End in November 2019?


We Echo Endlessly is an hour of gently evolving and delicately wandering improvised atmospheres. Using his chosen blend of samples, synthesisers and processed guitar Simon again manages to capture something rather special.


As with all of Simon’s music, We Echo Endlessly is a deep and introspective journey, a new gem to enjoy as it slowly reveals itself on each listen.


*Special thanks to Chuck Van Zyl and Roycee Martin at Star's End.

01    We Echo Endlessly

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What people are saying

"The Master at the top of his craft!!! Bravo and deep respect, Simon!!!"


Richard Gurtler

"...the result is a tranquil, moody, attentively moulded affair venturing into deep, overall introspective textural spheres and ethereal spaces, swirling fluidly in the now as well as in possible realities beyond.  Around the 30-minute mark, a few soft piano keys enter the scene. It’s the starting point of a gradual shift with a few additional pastel colors while the sedate, gracious drift gains a bit more volume and subdued intensity.


I concur with Simon the beautifully mastered “We Echo Endlessly” is definitely something to listen to late at night at low volume allowing the atmospheres to unfold gently and slowly".


Bert Strolenberg - Sonic Immersion

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